Since 1983, Compass Surveying has performed tens of thousands of topographic surveys for engineering design, construction and final as-built verification for land development, roadway and infrastructure projects.

What is a Topographic Survey?

A topographic survey is a type of land survey that focuses on the location and elevation of existing natural and manmade features of a land parcel including:

  • Ground elevations
  • Drainage features | Detention facility
  • Concrete and paved areas
  • Hills and ravines
  • Buildings
  • Roadways and walks
  • Trees
  • Utilities

What is the Purpose of a Topographic Survey?

Topographic Surveys are needed to:

  • Study areas prone to flooding
  • Determine the location of flood plains
  • Provide an accurate “existing conditions” survey of elevations and surfaces for site design and roadway plans
  • Verify manhole RIM elevations during construction
  • Provide final as-built data to verify that the site was built in substantial conformance with proposed plans
  • Verify ADA compliance

Our topographic surveys include accurate land boundary and easement information, existing elevations and contour lines, the location and elevation of existing utilities and existing stormwater features, which are critical for the planning and design phase of land development, roadway and infrastructure projects.

Compass Surveying excels at performing topographic surveys. Our veteran field technicians use Trimble RTK GPS, Trimble Robotic Total Stations and collectors, and laser scanners for accuracy and efficiency. Our experienced CAD technicians use Autocad or Microstation software to deliver 2-D drawings along with 3-D surface models for today’s engineering and design.

Applications for Topographic Surveys

Compass’s professional land surveyors can provide a full range of topographic and mapping services for various stages of land development, construction and infrastructure projects including:

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Benchmarks and Elevations
  • Cross-Sections
  • Earthwork Quantities
  • Floodplain Mapping
  • Gathering Ground Control for Photogrammetric Surveys
  • GPS Data Acquisition and Data

We can provide you with a lump sum fee or not to exceed budget for your project.

Contact one of our professional land surveyors to learn how your project can benefit from our topographic services or view some of our recent projects here.

Download Illinois Topographic Survey Standards

Why Choose Compass

  • Over three decades of diverse land surveying experience
  • Unparalleled reputation for accurate, high quality survey work
  • Trusted land boundary consultant for attorneys and title companies
  • Outsource partner for civil engineers
  • Both public and private sector experience
  • Known for meeting demanding schedules and deadlines
  • Lump sum or not to exceed pricing for every project
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A topographic survey can identify flood plains…..

…..or determine the volume of a storm detention basin