Providing Professional Surveying Services Throughout Illinois

Founded in 1983 by Michael Filipski, PLS, Compass has become a leading land surveying and mapping firm providing the highest level of professional surveying services for real estate, land development, energy and public works projects throughout Illinois.

For over three decades, we have become a trusted partner, committed to helping our clients succeed. Our reputation for excellence has been earned by understanding our clients’ objectives; an unwavering commitment to meet their schedules; and through the highest professional capabilities, standards, and expertise.

We Know the Services Your Project Needs

We’re well versed in the needs of the legal and title community, as well as the construction industry. As a reliable and proven outsource partner for civil engineering and design firms, Compass is involved with a number of complex and fast-paced projects that require many resources and expertise that our team has to offer.

Our highly experienced professionals have established a track record for delivering accurate surveys, measurements, maps and data for both large and small public and private projects – from the initial planning and design phase through construction and completion.

We Are Committed to Your Success

We know that the quality and delivery of our work directly impacts schedules and budgets. That’s why we make sure our surveying services help move projects forward. In fact, we measure our success by the success of our clients and their projects.

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Why Choose Compass

  • Over three decades of diverse land surveying experience
  • Unparalleled reputation for accurate, high quality survey work
  • Trusted land boundary consultant for attorneys and title companies
  • Outsource partner for civil engineers
  • Both public and private sector experience
  • Known for meeting demanding schedules and deadlines
  • Lump sum or not to exceed pricing for every project
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The Surveyor

“Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.”
– Proverbs 22:28

He thrives on patterns,
his marks and monuments
transform a wilderness
and by his carefully tagged
and numbered squares,
neat roads, correction lines
and small cadastral lots
he clothes in certainty,
in geometrical designs,
man’s ancient rights.

He scans the skies,
reading some far-off star
by which he plots
meridians and makes his maps,
stitching a new-found world
into a patchwork quilt,
a net of metes and bounds,
so lands may know their own
and live in peace.


Excerpted from Men and Meridians, The History of Surveying and Mapping in Canada Volume 3 1917-1947, Don W. Thomson, The Queen’s Printer for Canada, Ottawa, 1969